Another Teacher Canned because of her Cans

CHEERLEADING COACH CARLIE CHRISTINE FIRED OVER PLAYBOY PICTURES. Not quite the same as Tiffany's now famous turmoil, CARLIE CHRISTINE actually showed us her breasts... and for that she was fired. Come on Tiff, release the hostages!!! I'm sure Edwin won't mind :) To add to the story, A Sacramento Teacher named Crystal Defanti is probaby going to have her school keys taken away over the summer after she accidentally sent her kids home with a home sex DVD of herself. To see more about the CRYSTAL DEFANTI SEX DVD

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Smokin' 'Em Charters gets some more Media Attention Courtesy of Tiffany Shepherd

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A Treasure Coast company offering topless fishing charter trips is expanding to West Palm Beach.
The operators of Smokin' 'Em charters say they will soon offer the same type of deep sea topless fishing trips that originally stirred up controversy in Fort Pierce.
They have not set a date for the first cruise. But say they have finalized the deal with a boat owner in West Palm Beach.
Smokin' Em was kicked out of the city-owned marina in Fort Pierce earlier this year when it was learned they were providing fishing trips with topless women.
A high school teacher with the St. Lucie County School District, Tiffany Shepherd, made national news when word spread that she was working as a bikini-mate on the Smokin' Em fishing boat. The district did not renew her teaching contract, saying she had too many absences.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tiffany Shepherd CNN Interview

Here is an interview of Tiffany Shepherd on CNN