Another Teacher Canned because of her Cans

CHEERLEADING COACH CARLIE CHRISTINE FIRED OVER PLAYBOY PICTURES. Not quite the same as Tiffany's now famous turmoil, CARLIE CHRISTINE actually showed us her breasts... and for that she was fired. Come on Tiff, release the hostages!!! I'm sure Edwin won't mind :) To add to the story, A Sacramento Teacher named Crystal Defanti is probaby going to have her school keys taken away over the summer after she accidentally sent her kids home with a home sex DVD of herself. To see more about the CRYSTAL DEFANTI SEX DVD

Sunday, August 30, 2009


She's Armed, She's Dangerous and She's Ready for some Serious Action. No TIFFANY SHEPHERD is not the model for the Blow up Doll Leah Lust, but news has it she is involved in Porn. After getting canned for her part time job as a Bikini clad waitress, TIFFANY SHEPHERD tried everything short of stripping off her clothes for Playboy to make ends meet. Unfortunately for TIFFANY SHEPHERD, the economy combined with some bad luck did not help her in her challenges. According to the Palm Beach Post, TIFFANY SHEPHERD is now starring in XXX Porno Movies, as LEAH LUST (as the search engine trends would tell you). TIFFANY SHEPHERD's dive into the PORNO industry as LEAH LUST came courtesy of the source of her original problems, the gang over at KLC PRODUCTIONS, a side business of the owners of Smokin' Em Charters.

So far, TIFFANY SHEPHERD has done a few PORNO MOVIES consisting of her rubbing baby oil on a naked woman. TIFFANY SHEPHERD has also appeared in a short movie for Please Bang My wife where you see TIFFANY SHEPHERD having sex in various positions including giving some guy a blow job.

All 'bating aside, I kinda feel sorry for TIFFANY SHEPHERD who only a few months ago was quite excited over a number of things including her impending marriage to Eddie as well as her start-up online enterprises and her tryouts for the Tampa Breeze.

The thing is, it has not all been about making money for herself, TIFFANY SHEPHERD also attempted to start up a support group for single mothers called MILF. Yup, I kinda figured it was doomed from the get go, but you cannot blame the girl for trying to help others. In any of the Emails we exchanged, TIFFANY SHEPHERD seemed excited about going forward with her Masters Degree and there even seemed to be a glimmer of hope that she would be teaching again.
Shortly thereafter, TIFFANY SHEPHERD ran into some problems as one of her son's was in the hospital for a serious medical condition. As things started to look a little hopeful for TIFFANY SHEPHERD, she dropped off the map... until now that is.

Now fans and ex students of TIFFANY SHEPHERD, get to see more of this Buxxom blonde than ever before. Here are some SEXY PICTURES OF TIFFANY SHEPHERD and previews of TIFFANY SHEPHERD's PORNO's where she stars as LEAH LUST.AVI .TORRENT. I'm sure these video's will be available for download shortly, and by the looks of the search engine stats, there are many ex students of TIFFANY SHEPHERD's looking to DOWNLOAD THE TIFFANY SHEPHERD LEAH LUST VIDEO.