Another Teacher Canned because of her Cans

CHEERLEADING COACH CARLIE CHRISTINE FIRED OVER PLAYBOY PICTURES. Not quite the same as Tiffany's now famous turmoil, CARLIE CHRISTINE actually showed us her breasts... and for that she was fired. Come on Tiff, release the hostages!!! I'm sure Edwin won't mind :) To add to the story, A Sacramento Teacher named Crystal Defanti is probaby going to have her school keys taken away over the summer after she accidentally sent her kids home with a home sex DVD of herself. To see more about the CRYSTAL DEFANTI SEX DVD

Tuesday, December 30, 2008



TIFFANY SHEPHERD , the bikini-wearing former teacher who drew fame for her weekend stints as a scantily clad shipmate, was bounced off to jail Sunday on a charge of threatening her ex-boyfriend's new flame.

Police say they arrested TIFFANY SHEPHERD, 30, after she left several text and voice mail messages last month on the cellphone of the 22-year-old woman, challenging her to a fight. The woman, who said she is dating and living with the father of one of TIFFANY SHEPHERD's children, told a Fort Pierce police officer that she tried to ignore the messages, but called police because the incessant calls were interrupting her normal activities. A warrant later was issued for TIFFANY SHEPHERD's arrest and she was booked into the St. Lucie County Jail Sunday on a charge of making harassing telephone calls.

TIFFANY SHEPHERD became a media sensation this year when she claimed she was fired from her job as a teacher at Port St. Lucie High School because of her after-school job as a bikini mate aboard Smokin' Em Charters fishing tours. The St. Lucie County School District fired back that TIFFANY SHEPHERD missed more than 30 days of school this year and received two written reprimands for the absences. But within days, TIFFANY SHEPHERD was an Internet sensation, with photos of her sporting a bikini popping up on sites.

TIFFANY SHEPHERD was invited to appear on several television shows and said she received an offer to pose nude in Playboy magazine.