Another Teacher Canned because of her Cans

CHEERLEADING COACH CARLIE CHRISTINE FIRED OVER PLAYBOY PICTURES. Not quite the same as Tiffany's now famous turmoil, CARLIE CHRISTINE actually showed us her breasts... and for that she was fired. Come on Tiff, release the hostages!!! I'm sure Edwin won't mind :) To add to the story, A Sacramento Teacher named Crystal Defanti is probaby going to have her school keys taken away over the summer after she accidentally sent her kids home with a home sex DVD of herself. To see more about the CRYSTAL DEFANTI SEX DVD

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Smokin em Charters trying to jump on the Tiffany Shepherd Bandwagon

smokin em charters
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2 hours ago

7% - Pompano Beach, FL

This morning's search results seem to point to something a little disturbing. Yesterday we know Tiffany Shepherd was close to the top. Today we find something different. Smokin em Charters seems to be on the rise with most of the queries coming from one area. Could this be simply because the charter service is geographical or could it be the Owners of Smokin' em Charters once again taking advantage to Tiffany Shepherd's misfortunues.

Tiffany Shepherd claims she was fired as a teacher because she wore a bikini in her second job on a charter boat says she doesn't want to model.

Tiffany Shepherd, 30, said she "turned down all the magazines" after she claimed the St. Lucie County school district fired her from Port St. Lucie High School. Shepherd was let go after school officials learned about her second job with Smokin' Em Charters, which sells fishing trips with bikini-clad and topless women, the Palm Beach (Fla.) Post reported Friday.

Shepherd -- who the school district claims was fired for excessive absences -- said she does not want to do magazine photos because she wants to find a new teaching job.

"The whole reason why I started doing the bikini thing was because I was teaching and not making enough money and I have three kids to support," Shepherd said. "The school board has taken a lot of stuff away from me."

Shepherd said she might seek legal action against the school board.

"Hopefully, I'll find a lawyer that'll take me on contingency so I can sue the pants off the school board (in St. Lucie County)," she said.